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100% natural materials, domestic fair trade


Mamma Naturals local welfare facility,

People with intellectual disabilities who go to Ikoi Farm

A linen miscellaneous goods series that is carefully woven one by one.


Because it is a natural material, it feels good to the touch, and the more you use it, the more you will love it.


Among them, linen scrubbing can wash dishes without using detergent,

Eco-friendly item.


By fair trade (paying wages equivalent to healthy people)

It increases the motivation and pride of Aiko.


Environmentally friendly, no detergent required

Shiny without detergent

Even with oily dishes, if you wash them with hot water and a linen scrubber, they will be clean and shiny without using detergent. Instead of dissolving and rinsing with detergent, it is a method of rubbing off with a linen scrubbing brush, so the point is to wash it while rinsing with a small amount of water or hot water.


Use materials that return to the soil

Hemp is an excellent plant that grows quickly and does not require pesticides. Finally, it returns to the soil, so it is also environmentally friendly. The more you use it, the softer and more comfortable your hands will become, and the gentler it will taste.

Vegetable dyeing that is good for both people and the earth

The colored thread that colors the edge of the product is dyed with vegetable dyes. Unlike synthetic dyes, it does not pollute water, so it is safe and environmentally friendly. Available in 4 colors: pink, blue, orange, and white. With a natural and gentle color, the more you use it, the more it will taste.

編み子さん エコ素材

Domestic fair trade,
Supporting the independence of people with disabilities

Jobs for people with disabilities are incredibly low wages. For example, in the case of packing sweets in a bag, although a non-handicapped person is paid about 20 yen, a handicapped person is paid 2.5 yen per bag. In many cases, the handicapped person is handed only 1 yen. However, the finish is the same as the quality of a healthy person.


Mamma Naturals requested the production of hemp scrubbers to change this custom. Both Mr. Kamiko and the people at the facility are very happy to receive orders at the same wages as those without disabilities.


Shopping is voting!

At Mamma Naturals, we believe that society will be created by what we choose and what we pay for. It would be wonderful if domestic fair trade increased and people with disabilities could become independent with pride. and it's our"Shopping is voting!" I believe that it can be realized with the power of




The last one is an eco-scrubber that does not require detergent and is made of a material that returns to the soil. Moderately hard, it removes dirt well. Oil stains can also be removed without detergent, so it is environmentally friendly and economical. It can be used not only for tableware but also for various purposes such as washing the bath.

Product content

[Product name] Hemp scrubbing brush

[Material] Body: jute (domestic)

Edge Thread: Vegetable-dyed hemp wool (Nepal) (white is not dyed)

[Size] About 10x16cm

*Since this is a handmade product, there may be slight variations in size.



It's a cute nabeshiki that you'll want to put on your table.

The natural hemp texture and cute mesh will liven up your kitchen. It can also be used as a large eco-friendly scrubbing brush or pot holder.

Product content

[Name of product] Hemp Nabeshiki

[Material] Body: jute (domestic)

Edge Thread: Vegetable-dyed hemp wool (Nepal) (white is not dyed)

[Size] about 15 cm in diameter

*Since this is a handmade product, there may be slight variations in size.




A cute coaster with colored threads on the edge. It has good water absorption, so it can absorb drops from cups and tea that has spilled a little and dry quickly. Because it is thick, it also insulates and prevents the cold air from the table from cooling the cup when it is cold. In addition, it can be used for a variety of purposes, such as as a vase mat, small item holder, or as a mini hemp scrubbing brush.

Product content

[Product name] Linen coaster

[Material] Body: jute (domestic)

Edge Thread: Vegetable-dyed hemp wool (Nepal) (white is not dyed)

[Size] about 10 cm in diameter

*Since this is a handmade product, there may be slight variations in size.

Good use of Jute Dish Scrub

・Lightly rub while running a small amount of water or hot water. No detergent needed.

・Wash in order from clean to oily.

・If the hemp scrubbing becomes oily, scrub it with running water.

・When you finish washing, be sure to hang it on the hook and drain it.

Precautions for use

・For the first 1-2 weeks of use, the linen thread will become stiff and hard with water, but as you continue to use it, it will gradually become softer and easier to use.

・After 2-3 months of use, the thread will break or fray, so if it becomes difficult to use, please dispose of it as burnable garbage. You can either bury it in the soil or compost it with your food waste.

グラス洗い 麻たわし エコ

Jute Knitting Goods birth story


The hemp series was born when a friend taught me how to knit for the first time. The palm-sized cloth that I crocheted for practice was a bit ugly and I had no use for it, so I decided to use it as a sponge for dishwashing. Unexpectedly, this linen knitting has become a standard for washing dishes because it was easy to use and oil was removed well. For about 10 years, while using it myself, I continued to improve the shape, materials, and design, and even devised my own knitting method, resulting in the current shape. Since the edge is raised like a vessel, it is easy to wash because you can hang your fingers on it, and you can quickly hang it on the hook after use. In addition, since it is oval and has no edges, it is also attractive that it is difficult to splash water. For the hemp string, we selected the best thinness and hardness for the scrubbing brush, and achieved both durability and flexibility through our unique knitting method.

When commercializing it, I wanted to create a system that would support the creators, so I asked people with disabilities at welfare facilities to become braided children. A beautifully woven product made with heart at first sight soothes the feelings of those who use it.

Eco package

Considering the environment and limited resources, we deliver without putting it in a plastic bag. The product tags are made of unbleached kraft paper and hemp string, and are attached only to hemp scrubbers.

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