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Ashitaba Sauce


Vegan, no food additives

The name of "Ashitaba" means that even if you pick it today, it will sprout tomorrow.

The vitality that is said to be derived from.

The ashitaba is raw and finished with a delicious Mediterranean-style sauce.
Just mix it with boiled pasta and you'll have a delicious Ashitaba pasta!
In addition, you can stir-fry with rice to make fried rice, or mix it with fluffy potatoes,

It's also excellent with white fish and chicken saute.


The green and powerful flavor unique to Ashitaba

Enjoy the fruity aroma of olive oil.


With one bottle, you can make pasta and fried rice for 4 to 5 people.

Carefully selected high-quality materials


​Tomorrow leaf

Ashitaba is produced in Izu. Because it grows in the sea breeze, it has a particularly strong fragrance, and is known as a first-class product in Japan. It is resistant to insects and diseases, so it is grown without pesticides.

Ashitaba also has strong medicinal properties and has been loved as a medicinal herb since ancient times. In particular, because it contains plenty of chalcone, a rare polyphenolic component, it is attracting attention as an anti-oxidant, anti-thrombotic, and diabetes prevention. It is also popular as a supplement material for health and beauty because it contains well-balanced vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber.

Olive oil​

The olive oil, which is the decisive factor in the taste, uses rare organic Spanish Arbequina extra virgin oil. The oil is pressed at a low temperature within 24 hours after harvesting, and its gentle, fruity aroma is loved by gourmets around the world.


Uses organic Okayama products grown without the use of pesticides during the cultivation period. Farmers who have been growing garlic for 20 years are passionate about growing it. If the production volume is insufficient due to poor harvests, etc., we use products of the same quality from Shimane Prefecture.


​ pine nuts

Carefully selected Chinese products grown without the use of pesticides. It adds quality flavor and sweetness to the sauce.


Organic JAS certified organic from Sri Lanka. It is cooked while grinding each time so that the aroma is strong.

Complete sun-dried sea salt

Uses the salt of "Tejakula", which is called the sacred place of salt in Bali, Indonesia. Completely sun-dried sea salt handcrafted by craftsmen using a traditional method that has been preserved for over 500 years. Drying with only sunlight without burning clean seawater. Mineral-rich raw salt that is just like the blessings of the sea. We implement fair trade to protect the tradition of making salt.

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