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Raw Almond Butter


Vegan, no food additives

Made in California grown with plenty of sunshine

Grind the raw almonds with the skin on to make a creamy paste.

Brown sugar from Okinawa is added as a secret ingredient to bring out the richness, and full sun-dried sea salt tightens the flavor.


The fragrant flavor and rich taste of almonds,

A raw almond butter with a smooth texture.

Pure plant food with no dairy products. No emulsifier is used.


Spread it on bread or hot cakes,

Please enjoy it with jam or honey as you like.

Carefully selected high-quality materials

アーモンド+まな板 生アーモンドバター


Raw almonds from California are mashed with the thin skin on without heating. Rice with thin skin is the state of brown rice. It is fragrant and you can enjoy the valuable nutritional source of the thin skin as it is.

Almonds, the king of nuts, granting health and beauty 

・The content of vitamin E that keeps you young is No. 1 among foods.

・Approximately 70% of lipid is oleic acid ・Dietary fiber is twice that of burdock

・Balanced minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and zinc

・ Rich in B vitamins that promote fat burning

rapeseed oil

Uses precious domestic rapeseed from Hokkaido and Aomori. It is extracted by the old-fashioned first pressing method, and hexane (mineral oil such as benzine) is not used.


Complete sun-dried sea salt

Uses the salt of "Tejakula", which is called the sacred place of salt in Bali, Indonesia. Completely sun-dried sea salt handcrafted by craftsmen using a traditional method that has been preserved for over 500 years. Drying with only sunlight without burning clean sea water. Mineral-rich raw salt that is just like the blessings of the sea. We implement fair trade to protect the tradition of making salt.

brown sugar

Pure brown sugar from Hateruma Island in Okinawa, which is considered to be the finest brown sugar, is used as a secret ingredient. The rich flavor and richness create a luxurious taste. Brown sugar is rich in minerals and supports health and beauty.

Various delicious ways to eat

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