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cook book

Full of ideas for living in nature
Published "Witch's Recipe"


“From a simple recipe that contains plenty of the wisdom of the earth, a journey to magic begins. A casual daily life, an ordinary kitchen, becomes a stage for the mystery of the universe.” (From the prologue of the main text)


Mikiko Arai of manma naturals, Noriko Arai of Inori, and Yoko Dezuka of IDÉE Shokudo have put their heads together to publish a recipe book for a lifestyle that is close to nature.


From simple and healthy cooking to preserved foods and natural miscellaneous goods, it is full of various topics. There are also a few helpful columns interspersed.

We made it with the hope that our lives will be more enjoyable, healthy, and sustainable. It's out of print, but you can read the full story online below.

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