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1% for a better future

Mamma Naturals has been donating to the environment, human rights, and peace since its inception, and still donates 1% of sales to the following organizations. It is our pride and joy to support the solution of environmental problems and the happiness of humankind through our business.

Plan International​

Did you know that 1 in 5 girls in the world is married before the age of 18? (*) Premature marriage and premature pregnancy and childbirth deprive children of educational opportunities and put their lives at risk.

Plan International is an international NGO that works in more than 70 countries around the world to protect children's rights and realize a society free of poverty and discrimination. In particular, we support girls who are vulnerable to discrimination, abuse, and violence. I am growing.

Mamma Naturals has long been donating to two activities: the Girls Project, which protects girls from human trafficking and early marriage, and Plan Sponsorship, which supports the long-term independence of one girl. I was. As Mamma Naturals, which has many staff members with children, it is the organization that puts the most effort into support.

*UNICEF “Towards Ending Child Marriage” 2021


From the perspective of environmental protection, Mamma Naturals is the first organization to start donating, and it is working on global environmental problems in more than 55 countries and regions around the world. It is unique in that it operates without any support from the government or corporations, so that it can conduct fair activities from an independent standpoint. Donations are used to solve problems such as ocean and forest protection, plastic problems, biodiversity, radioactivity and toxic pollution.

In Japan, Fast Retailing Co., Ltd., which owns UNIQLO, will completely abolish the use and discharge of all hazardous chemical substances by 2020. We have great expectations for our future activities, such as promising to reduce oil and gas production by 40%.

Amnesty International

We are working to eliminate discrimination and violence of all kinds, such as skin color, religion, ethnicity, ideology, and gender, and to protect the freedom and dignity of people around the world equally. Activities cover a wide range of topics, including  abolition of the death penalty refugee and immigration issues, children's rights, and  LGBT and human rights. More than 10 million citizens from 200 countries around the world participate. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1977, and the United Nations Human Rights Prize the following year, for his voluntary citizen movements that transcend national borders and brought the foundations of freedom, justice, and peace.

With respect and gratitude, we will continue to support this organization that protects people from horrific human rights violations around the world.

I want to change the world! Anyone, including individuals and organizations, can freely and free of charge launch a petition campaign. The content varies from familiar to global scale, and campaigns are developed on a wide range of themes such as the natural environment, human rights, and politics, and are a force to change the world.

So far, campaigns such as I want my high school to introduce renewable energy and Partnership system in Tokyo have been implemented.

So far, support other than donations has been implemented, such as introducing several campaigns on Mamma Naturals official Facebook and gathering supporters. Together with, we aim to realize a better future.


An organization that supports the economic independence of poor regions through agricultural production support and fair trade activities. It is characterized by many activities that support women's independence. One of them, a project targeting women in East Timor, produced herbal tea and commercialized it as Aroma Timor. We have created a system where women can earn income directly. Also, in Sri Lanka, we are developing a sari recycling project with widows who lost their husbands. Donated old sarees are remade into bags and the like, which are sold at clothing stores and souvenir shops in Sri Lanka, as well as being wholesaled to Parsic.

Mamma Naturals also purchases and sells Cafe Timor, eco-bags from the Sally Recycle Project, and organically grown coffee Cafe Timor from Parcic. We support women living in harsh environments and producers suffering from poverty.

Chemical hypersensitivity support center

As the world is flooded with chemicals, more and more people are suffering from various health problems. Among them, there have been many reports of life-threatening symptoms caused by chemicals that are familiar to us, such as clothing made of chemical fibers and fragrances used in fabric softeners. The center supports people with chemical hypersensitivity who suffer from such situations and promotes the creation of a society that does not depend on chemicals. In addition, we are also focusing on the operation of recuperation facilities for people who have difficulty living in the general public due to chemical hypersensitivity.

Arai, who is the representative of Mamma Naturals, has also developed chemical sensitivity in the past, and received various consultations and advice at that time. We will continue to donate to the center so that the number of people with the same suffering will not increase any more.

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