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Our Philosophy

Happiness for people and the earth

Dear family, friends, and everyone I haven't met yet

So that we can live healthily and happily on this earth forever,

I want to create a hopeful future.

That is the philosophy of manma naturals.

Food and lifestyle are the same as the global environment and agriculture

We have a deep connection.
That is why at manma naturals,

Create a healthy body, avoiding natural destruction and pollution
Selection of materials to protect the earth

We thoroughly pursue manufacturing methods.

In addition, 1% of sales will be donated to support activities such as environmental protection and human rights protection.
By shopping at manma naturals,
You can play a part in these activities.

Choosing good food and lifestyle means creating a good future.
Making choices that are gentle and sustainable for people and the planet
Start with manma naturals.


Origin of the name of

manma naturals


It's the first thing a baby says.



It's a dish that grandma and mother made with love.



It's the simplicity of it, and the desire to cherish the material.



It's my mother. Earth is the mother of mankind.


Our life on earth.

Always thinking about the earth, I want to live with gratitude to the earth.


We have entrusted the name manma naturals with such a lot of thoughts.

Missions of manma naturals

manma naturals' mission is to build a happy future by promoting business from the perspectives of health, environmental protection, and human rights protection.


Carefully selected raw materials

Use organic, domestic and fair trade ingredients as much as possible. If it is not certified, we directly check the cultivation method and working environment.

生アーモンド 環境を考えたパッケージ_edited.jpg

Environmentally friendly package

We minimize packaging and use materials such as glass, metal, paper, twine, and bioplastics that are easy to recycle and reduce CO2 emissions.


Shopping is a vote!

Carefully selected suppliers and financial institutions that can support our philosophy and activities. You can indirectly support these activities through the purchase of products.


1% for a better future

Donated 1% of sales to Greenpeace , Amnesty International , Plan , United Nations WFP , Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Support Center , etc. We support activities for the happiness of the environment and humankind.


Make everyone happy

By providing jobs to women and people with disabilities and fair trade, we aim to create a society where everyone can live equally and happily.


Traveling manma naturals

The importance of the environment, food, and human rights that I felt while traveling the world. Our policies and products are born from a global perspective gained through hands-on experience.

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