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Ginger Garlic Sauce


Vegan, no food additives

Grate the flavorful garlic and ginger raw,

A blend of traditionally brewed soy sauce made in wooden barrels and domestic pure rice sake.

It is finished in a delicious sauce full of nutrition without adding heat.


A versatile sauce that will make any dish delicious and delicious with this one.

For those who want to have a delicious and healthy meal even when they are busy,

It is a powerful time-saving item.

Carefully selected high-quality materials



Uses fragrant ginger from Kochi Prefecture. Cultivated without pesticides or fertilizers. After harvesting, it is buried in the soil and carefully aged and preserved to bring out the deliciousness.


Uses organic Okayama products grown without the use of pesticides during the cultivation period. Farmers who have been growing garlic for 20 years are passionate about growing it. If the production volume is insufficient due to poor harvests, etc., we use products of the same quality from Shimane Prefecture.

For immunity up!

Garlic and ginger have strong bactericidal and immune cell activating effects, and it is said that eating them protects the body from bacteria and viruses, making it less susceptible to infections such as colds.

​soy sauce​​

Two types of soy sauce are blended for the ultimate taste. Both are genuinely brewed soy sauces brewed in traditional wooden barrels in Shodoshima, which is famous as the home of soy sauce, and are made from safe and reliable domestic rice, domestic wheat, and sun-dried sea salt. The rich taste and sharpness that can only be made by hand are the decisive factors for the deliciousness of the ginger garlic sauce.


Complete sun-dried sea salt

Uses the salt of "Tejakula", which is called the sacred place of salt in Bali, Indonesia. Completely sun-dried sea salt handcrafted by craftsmen using a traditional method that has been preserved for over 500 years. Drying with only sunlight without burning clean sea water. Mineral-rich raw salt that is just like the blessings of the sea. We implement fair trade to protect the tradition of making salt.


Both mirin and sake are made from 100% domestic rice. Made in Japan with no additives and authentic brewing

Various delicious ways to eat