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Brown Rice Pancake Mix


Flour-free, vegan

Gentle on the body, made only with domestic brown rice

A pancake mix that does not use wheat flour.
Use healthy coconut sugar instead of sugar.

Just by mixing with soy milk or water, you can bake deliciously without eggs or milk,

The sweetness is modest, so you can eat it every day without getting tired of it.


To make the surface crispy when baked,

Blended with home-made coarse ground brown rice flour.

The fragrant flavor unique to brown rice spreads.


In addition to pancakes, cookies and muffins

You can enjoy various arrangements.

Carefully selected high-quality materials


brown rice

Uses fragrant brown rice from Kumamoto Prefecture. Because it is a whole food that is not milled, you can enjoy the nutrition of whole rice. No pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used during the cultivation period.

Gluten-free and safe

No wheat flour is used, so people with gluten allergies can enjoy it without worry.

​coconut sugar

A natural sugar made from coconut nectar. It has a low GI value and a moderate rise in blood sugar levels. Compared to honey and white sugar, it contains a lot of calcium, magnesium, and iron, so it's very healthy. JAS organic certified. (from the Philippines)


Complete sun-dried sea salt

Uses the salt of "Tejakula", which is called the sacred place of salt in Bali, Indonesia. Completely sun-dried sea salt handcrafted by craftsmen using a traditional method that has been preserved for over 500 years. Drying with only sunlight without burning clean sea water. Mineral-rich raw salt that is just like the blessings of the sea. We implement fair trade to protect the tradition of making salt.

​baking powder

Aluminum-free and gluten-free baking powder. (American product)

Various delicious ways to eat

Recipe videos