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Introducing "Hemp life" !

We are pleased to announce that we have added four new wonderful products made from hemp to the mamma naturals web store! The new products are "Mask", "Tenugui", "Eye Mask", and "Pillowcase".

Hemp is one of the materials that mamma naturals has been focusing on because it is friendly to both the environment and people. It has been loved since ancient times and is deeply related to Japanese culture. It is also gentle to the skin, and is a good measure against micro-plastics, which has recently become a hot topic.

◆Power to drive away impurities

In fact, the shimenawa (sacred rope) at Ise Jingu Shrine is also made of hemp. In Japan, hemp has long been believed to ward off impurities and evil and to be sacred to the gods. Hemp is also popular as a good-luck charm for healthy growth of children and prosperous business because of its strong vitality and fast growth.

◆Ethical material attracting worldwide attention

While hemp is a traditional fiber, it is now highly regarded around the world as an ethical material that contributes to the realization of a sustainable society.

Hemp is a very active photosynthetic material, absorbing 3 to 4 times more CO2 than deciduous trees and reducing it to oxygen. It is effective as a countermeasure against global warming.

It is resistant to pests and grows very fast, eliminating the need for pesticides, chemical fertilizers, herbicides, etc. It also has the power to improve the soil.

The leaves, seeds, roots, and other parts of the plant can be used as fertilizer, food, biofuel, and other materials, so there is no waste.

Unlike synthetic fibers, microplastics are not generated by washing, etc., even after the fabric is made into a product.

When hemp products reach the end of their useful life and are disposed of, they return to the soil and do not produce toxic substances when incinerated.

Hemp is a very clean material that does not pollute the environment from the time it is grown to the time it is used.

◆Gentle on the skin

Wearing clothes made of nylon, acrylic, and other synthetic fibers can cause skin problems such as itching and irritation.

One of the causes of "chemical fiber burn" is static electricity. Chemical fibers are prone to static electricity, and the unpleasant crackling sensation causes itching and other skin problems.

Hemp, on the other hand, is a material that is resistant to static electricity. Above all, hemp is a natural material, so it is gentle to the body and has a pleasant, light, comfortable feel. Hemp absorbs and releases moisture particularly well among natural fibers, absorbing four times as much moisture as cotton. It absorbs perspiration and keeps you feeling dry and comfortable.

Hemp products are a natural material that will help you get through the coming season comfortably and also contribute to the environment. Why not incorporate hemp products into your daily life?

◆New Product Introduction

There are more than 20 types of fibers called hemp, of which the most common in Japan are hemp, flax (linen), jute (yellow hemp), and ramie (ramie).

✧Hemp & Plant-dyed Mask (5 colors)

The single-layer mask is cool and allows for easy breathing. The gentle plant-derived colors are also attractive.

✧Hemp gauze, tree-dyed tenugui hand towel (5 colors)

Gauze fabric is soft and comfortable. Handkerchiefs, scarves, dish towels, etc., can be used for various purposes.

✧ Alpha Wave Hemp Eye Mask

Breathable and comfortable to wear. Far-infrared radiation warms the eyes, relieves tiredness, and improves the quality of sleep.

✧Alpha Wave Hemp Pillowcase

The part where your head rests is cool and dry, while the part where your shoulders and neck rest against it is kept cool by far-infrared rays.


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