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Shopping is voting!

Have you ever heard the phrase, "Shopping is Voting!" Have you ever heard the phrase "Shopping is Voting! This was the slogan we created 15 years ago when mamma naturals was founded. Recently, it has taken on a life of its own and, to our delight, has become so popular that it has even been arranged as the title of a book.

The slogan means, "when you pay for a purchase, you are putting your vote in favor of the product." Companies make products that sell and do not make products that do not sell. If we choose to buy products that are good for our health and the environment, companies will be more willing to produce products that are kind to people and the earth, and the world will move in a healthier direction.

Examples of this are the increase in the sale of organic vegetables in regular supermarkets and the increase in the number of eco-friendly cars. Our purchases have moved companies and society.

◆Who does mamma naturals vote for?

When mamma naturals pays for a purchase, we check the background of the product and where the money goes to, to make sure it is a "human and earth friendly" act.

We vote "organic!"  

The raw materials used in our products are all natural and organic, and even if they do not have JAS certification, we will buy them as long as we can confirm that the cultivation and production methods are safe.

Reference column: Organic, win-win shopping! 

When purchasing from farmers in particular, we try not to bargain, but to pay as much as possible. By paying a fair price, we increase the farmer's profit and motivation, and we encourage the spread of organic vegetables.

We vote "fair trade!" 

mamma naturals' jute knitting series are made by mentally disabled people who are paid the same wages as able-bodied people through a facility. This gives them a sense of pride and confidence, and they seem to be more energetic and happy than when we first met them. We have heard from the staff at the facility that there have been many positive changes, such as "a person who was emotionally unstable has become a leader" and "people are now more neatly dressed.

We vote for "sustainable society!"

The electricity used at mamma naturals is 100% renewable energy. This electricity is generated exclusively by earth-friendly methods such as solar, wind, and biomass. Electricity prices have gone up a bit, but we believe this is an investment in a society that does not rely on nuclear power plants or fossil fuels.

We vote for a "future without war!"

mamma naturals' main bank is a local credit union. This is because megabanks and other major banks also invest in U.S. Treasury bonds that support corporations that are complicit in war through their military industries and the world's largest military. We choose to support our local shinkin bank in order to avoid indirectly supporting war and because their mission is to develop the local economy.

We vote for a "feel good relationship!"

We are also careful about what kind of money we accept. For example, when choosing a distributor to wholesale our products, we do not do business with companies that take a high pressure stance by demanding unreasonable bargaining or responses. We also avoid companies with low environmental awareness and unethical businesses, and we do not accept money that is made in a way that makes people and the earth unhappy. 

In addition, we always consider the impact of our decisions on people and the earth when we spend money, such as in the selection of materials for packaging and the purchase of select products. Our vote may be small, but we believe that if more and more companies and people share our concern, it will be enough to change the world.

You can start voting with your shopping today!

What can you do in your daily shopping?

-Choose organic vegetables and additive-free foods.

-Choose cosmetics with no additives and with natural ingredients.

-Use detergents that are biodegradable and return to nature easily.

-Use organic cotton, linen, and wool products instead of synthetic fibers for fabrics.

-Ordering products you want from a store 

There are countless situations in which you can pay for such things. Please start with what is easy to do and what you can put your passion into.

Even though the power of each person's wallet may be small, we have our greatest strength: our numbers. If we all unite our hearts and show our will, there is surely nothing we can't change. Please support us so that we can continue to spread the "Shopping is voting!"

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